Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

Call it a debate, and you could be right about that. As such discourse aims to agree on a subject of interest or prefer an idea to the other. 

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When you have to choose between an essential oil and fragrance oil, which of them will you likely take? Now we have got you thinking! We dare say that you are more prone to make the best choice, depending on how much knowledge you have about the two.

In this article, you are about to learn so much about essential oils and fragrance oils that are in soaps, perfumes, fragrances, and lotion. So keep an open mind.

What you should know about Essential Oils

The first thing you need to be aware of is that essential oils are 100% natural. Aromatherapy essential oils are naturally occurring essences that are extracted from plants such as herbs, barks, rinds, leaves, and can be added to your creams, bath gel, and lotions. 

Do you realize that you can cure acne scars, wrinkles just by adding essential oils to your skincare routine? Well, that is because these oils contain natural aromatic properties that act as a remedy to several skin conditions. 

Unlike fragrance and perfume, which have pure chemical components, essential oils are obtained, from a variety of plants, through a method called distillation. If you have not already started using it, you know you’re missing out on several health benefits already. 

 Let’s be more practical:

  • If you’ve got sensitive skin, you should use essential oils like sandalwood, lavender, and frankincense, as they are safe and not harsh on your skin.
  • When acne and wrinkles begin to find a home on your beautiful skin, essential oils as Clary Sage is a go-to remedy. 
  • We could go on and on about these benefits, and to crown it all, some essential oils have natural smells that make you love them over and over again.

It is rare to find a thing of value that is rated cheaply, and you can understand why the essential oils are not low-priced. When you consider the average body products that you’ve had to subject your body to, you’ll wonder if it was truly worth it. Cheap does not mean Quality, and Quality is mostly not Cheap. That essential oils are costly, doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank to purchase them, because they are also pocket friendly. 

What you should know about Fragrance Oils

Unlike purely natural essential oils, fragrance oils are derived from synthetic ingredients, and by that, we mean that fragrance oils contain artificial substances that are not ideal for sensitive skins. It is worthy of note that synthetic fragrance, such as fragrance oil, fragrance, and parfum can contain up to 200 secret ingredients. 

Fragrance oils are sure to create a wider variety of long-lasting scents, unlike essential oils that have a smaller range of natural and pleasant scents. 

However, it does not have the natural healing properties of an essential oil.

They have also been responsible for ailments like headache, hyper-pigmentation, skin irritation, dizziness, Etc Fragrance oil is primarily used to manufacture perfumes, scented candles, soap, and flavourings for the sole purpose of enhancing their smell. 

From experience, we can say that fragrance oils, though cheap, are one of the cosmetic ingredients to avoid or minimize completely because they contain synthetic ingredients. If you really care for your skin and overall health, we advise that you stick with essential oils.  

As the debate comes to a close, we are confident that you now know enough to make the right choice between an essential oil and fragrance oil. Puur Ingrid only uses essential oils.

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