PUUR Ingrid believes that nature has given us everything we need to keep our skin healthy and happy. That's why we commit to using the finest healthy, clean, pure ingredients, and every product is completely free of chemicals and harmful toxins. Elevate your natural beauty with organic, cruelty-free, vegan, eco-conscious products filled with ingredients you can feel good about.


Pure & Honest

The name ‘PUUR Ingrid’ is inspired by our founder’s Dutch heritage. ‘Puur’ in Dutch translates to pure in English. 
We strive to create the purest products possible. Every PUUR Ingrid product is vegan, nothing is tested on animals and there are no artificial perfumes. We make sure that all the goodness in an ingredient reaches its full potential by never heating the ingredients above body temperature, preserving all the powerful effects of our natural elements and ensuring our products are rich with beneficial ingredients. Each element in a product is carefully selected for its ability to bring balance to your skin and we are proud to produce all of our products in a laboratory located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Ingrid's Story

My journey started 17 years ago when I left my job in the Pharmacy and made the switch to integrative medicine. Being active in research and development, I started my own business in The Netherlands just a couple of years before I moved to Canada in 2008. After the birth of my second son, I realized there were no conscious, boy-friendly hair and body products available. So, ever the entrepreneur, I set out to create a solution myself. Only using the purest, all-natural ingredients I created BOYZZ ONLY, a no-nonsense line of hair and body care just for boys.
I devoted my time to researching green eco-conscious ingredients for skin care and that’s when PUUR Ingrid became reality. I started to learn about clinically-proven, result-driven bioavailable plant antioxidants that are rich in vitamins to properly nourish your skin from the outside in.
Finding safe, non-toxic alternatives will always be where my inspiration comes from. It all starts with feeding your skin!
Purely Yours,