Get to know your cosmetics with the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Get to know your cosmetics with the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

Checking the ingredients of concern in your skincare products probably has never been part of our daily routine. It’s one thing to become aware of how the creams, cosmetics and soaps we use every day can impact your health. It’s another thing entirely to begin the slow process of eliminating potentially harmful products from your bathroom cabinet. Where to start? Is there a resource you can trust to identify products that contain ingredients of concern? And how do you find truly good cosmetics and natural beauty brands? It is advisable to use verified cosmetics and beauty products. EWG’s Skin Deep is a verified database that do the research for you and list items which are safe to use.

Reason for not finding trustable information

People give information per their opinion which makes truth questionable. A reliable source can be very crucial in knowing good cosmetic brands. In marketing their products, manufactures swear how good the items are without clarity. They are required by US regulations to list ingredients used, but the regulations doesn’t touch on contaminants listing on the labels. Manufacturing process can contaminate final products with impurities, substances and residues. Not deliberately used, manufactures may find it unnecessary to include them on the labels. Online databases and lists point out the hidden ingredients. Manufactures may sponsor this listing and databases which makes it hard to find a reliable and trustworthy ones. Of interest is independent databases that research and uncover the killer secrets in cosmetics.

The EWG: helping consumers to live healthier lives

The Environmental Group (EWG), a non-profit independent organization, protects people from using toxic personal care products through a thorough analysis of the used ingredients in cosmetic products. On a mandate for healthy people on healthy environment, EWG lobbies for reforms of more transparent labels on consumer products. EWG, without bias, publish information of all ingredients in body care and cosmetic products. Information is easily available on their website and applications.

Know what’s natural with the EWG’s Skin Deep database

Healthy products usage is what made EWG’s Skin Deep to be created. With published information verified through a thorough research, one can get information about regulation and toxicity of more than 70,000 products.

How to use the Skindeep database

The Skin Deep database rely on information from manufactures, packaging, retailers, regulatory and research databases. They compile all the information and publish it in a standardized and easy to search manner.

On the website or phone application, consumers enters a product or brand name and all information about the product is displayed. From the display, EWG highlights of concern ingredients in the product. When a search is done, the product’s hazard level are ranked on a one to ten scale. Other than ranking, ingredients harmful to individual’s health are listed. On the application, searching has been made easier through a scan. Shopping, consumers’ can easily get the information about a product and whether it is safe for usage before buying. The app has the cosmetics sorted based on allergic, developmental and carcinogenic human health risks. This has promoted a worry free shopping environment.

Cosmetics and body care product which needs more attention

With the EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetic database, everybody need to revolutionize their bathroom cabinet. There is a list of items identified to be of concern by EWG and are outlined below:-

Shampoos and conditioners. Majority can cause cancer, scalp irritation and weaken the hair, for they have pollutants, 1, 4-dioxane and other contaminants.

Shower gels. Shower gels have cancer causing contaminants (ingredients end with PEG and -eth), cause skin irritation and allergy (methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone and others), and have non-biodegradable substances (polyethylene, copolymer and others).

Body creams. They contain cancer causing contaminants, endocrine disruptors and allergens.

Hand soaps. Like the others, hand soaps contain cancer causing contaminants, skin irritants and allergens.

EWG has dealt with ingredients credibility and is upon every person to use the information to take care of their health. Natural product usage is encouraged. In the market you can find natural bubble bath, soap, shampoo, sunscreen and toothpaste.

At PUUR Ingrid you can shop with confidence. All products are EWG VERIFIED™ and listed in the Skin Deep database. We offer offer full disclosure and transparency.

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