Know the Importance of Low pH Shampoo

Know the Importance of Low pH Shampoo

If a healthy, bouncy, shiny mane is your dream, we’re pretty sure your shampoo hunt is well versed with sulfate-free, paraben, fragrance-free, organic hair care products. But we question! Have you ever considered the pH value of your shampoo?

If “Never” you are missing a crucial part of hair health because the acidic level of shampoo largely affects the health of the scalp and hair aesthetics. Did you know that? 

If not! Let’s probe into this sneaky culprit’s activities and see how you can benefit from a low-level pH shampoo.


How pH level affects the hair and scalp

Your hair's natural acidic level runs around 3.5 to 4.5 and your scalp is at 5.5 on the pH scale. When hair and scalp are in their natural acidic state, they look and feel healthiest. Hair products with higher or unsuitable pH levels can fluctuate natural pH levels so if you’re not properly choosing hair products, a high pH can push your hair chemistry towards an increased alkaline level which is not at all right.

Now what happens to your hair, harmful chemical compositions disturb your hair structure, and hair cuticles begin to lift badly, impacting the strength of strands, leading to hair thinning and ultimately causing breakage, frizz, and dullness? 

The pH balancing story doesn’t end here, your scalp goes through the worse condition, its sebum level is washed off giving room to bacterial and fungal infections, leaving you with hair disasters.


How can you maintain a healthy pH level of hair and scalp? 

Hair pH level sways back and forth naturally due to environmental stress. A well-balanced, low-level pH formula shampoo proves a quick fix to restore or maintain hair pH to its optimum level. Trichologists have proven that low pH level shampoos prevent moisture loss, keep hair cuticles firmly closed, and tame down frizz by reducing static. Most importantly, keep your scalp clean and revitalize its health.


Why a low pH level is important for the hair

Low-level pH shampoos are clinically proven to stimulate healthy hair growth. They have a slew of benefits some are mentioned here:


  • Soothes itchy scalp

A clean scalp promotes healthy cell turnover and a suitable environment for optimized hair growth. Unfortunately when you are on high alkaline hair products, they cause dandruff, flaky skin, irritation, and resultantly brittle hair that feel gross.

Shampoo with a 4 to 4.5 pH level heals and soothes the scalp by balancing sebum. Sebum is naturally slightly acidic so combats bacteria and fungi and gradually heals the irritated scalp.

  • Reduce frizziness

When you are treating your hair with higher alkaline pH, expect horrible damage to hair cuticles. It can create a negative electric charge causing increased friction among the hair fibers.  This excessive friction may lead to cuticle damage and break down Keratin molecules. Low pH level shampoo and hair products are the hair saviors here, they naturally seal cuticles, and lay hair fibers flat to make them frizz free smooth, and soft. 

  • Ensures liveliness of hair colour

During the hair colouring process, hair shafts are opened up due to high alkaline-based products. The opened interior layers can be damaged badly if not closed back down properly. 

Low pH level shampoos keep hair shafts contracted to retain much-needed moisture. Make your hair colour last longer and additionally prevents hair from drying.

  • No tangles smooth combing

Now imagine, can you comb smoothly, damaged frizzy hair? Of course not. When hair shafts are disturbed they become weak and thinner causing nasty tangled hair, hard to comb and manage. A good nourishing low pH shampoo help smoothens the hair texture by maintaining hair protein and locking in oil and moisture.


Refresh, recharge and reset your hair care routine with PUUR Ingrid hair products. The entire 100% natural hair care range is exclusively infused with nourishing essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts to keep hair health at its peak. To make them richer, they’ve got a pH of 4.0 to 4.5. Enjoy these cruelty, paraben, sulfate, gluten, and nut-free hair treats without any doubt.


Take away

Simply put, a balanced pH level optimally cleanses hair and scalp without stripping away sebum that fights off bacteria, and fungus. If you are looking for a clue when your scalp and hair pH level is out of sync, notice if they are becoming dry, itchy, flaky and your hair looks frizzy, drab, and dry, It’s time to invest in a low pH level shampoo.

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